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comicsweek 2feb11 - Warren Ellis [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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comicsweek 2feb11 [Feb. 1st, 2011|08:51 am]
Warren Ellis

New comics are released on Wednesday 2 Feb in most places. Here’s a few things I’d draw your attention to:

VIETNAMERICA has gotten some good reviews: a memoir in graphic novel form of the author’s attempts to make sense of the lives of his family, who fled Viet Nam for America during the fall of Saigon. There’s a preview on Scribd: often crude, always atmospheric and evocative, sometimes kaleidoscopic to the point of psychedelia in its construction and formal invention.

CROSSED: FAMILY VALUES #7 concludes Dave Lapham’s spinoff from Garth’s original CROSSED book. It’s been grotesque. Quite deliberately. It wasn’t the constant sledgehammer of doom that CROSSED was, but it does manage to outsleaze the parent book.

DAOMU #1 translates a popular Chinese comic for the Anglophone market. Very goofy-looking, but with some nice digital art, if you can get past the big plastic sound effects.

WITCHFINDER – LOST AND GONE FOREVER #1 (of 5): “In the hellish frontiers of the American Wild West, nineteenth-century occult investigator Edward Grey hunts down a fiendish member of the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra. What he finds is a town harboring bloodthirsty criminals and terrible supernatural horrors!” Why do you care? Because it’s co-written by Mike (HELLBOY) Mignola and illustrated by classic American comics artist John Severin. And John Severin is fucking brilliant. Also? “Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra.”

DAYTRIPPER gets a collection. I don’t know what to say about Ba and Moon’s book that wouldn’t spoil it for a new reader. All I’m going to say is that it’s a wonderful, low-key, warm read; an inventive, often troubling device for exploring a man’s life and relationships in full. I’ll be honest, and say that it didn’t always work for me… but also that it left me with a pain in my chest. That is a recommendation.

Nice linework in Sarah Oleksyk’s IVY. Fancy a quiet little story about an artistic girl trying to escape her cold and spare Maine life? You can judge for yourself, because the first chapter’s online for free.

PANDORA EYES: haven’t read it, but it’s illustrated by the legendary “good girl” artist Milo Manara, whose ability to draw beautiful women has overshadowed his other skills. Which is probably as much his fault as anyone else’s. But I’d flip through this book, in which he collaborates with a writer, to see how he does here. And if you’re not aware of Manara’s stuff, you should experience his exquisite linework at least once.

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