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Bookmarks for 2011-02-02 - Warren Ellis [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Warren Ellis

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Bookmarks for 2011-02-02 [Feb. 3rd, 2011|09:00 am]
Warren Ellis
  • The Nottingham Caves Survey Homepage
    "The Nottingham Caves Survey is in the process of recording all of Nottingham’s 450+ sandstone caves. The project is now underway and we are surveying caves even as you read this."
    (tags:history geo )
  • English Russia » Destiny Of A Soviet Spaceship
    "There were also 4 models of “Buran” spaceship. One of them still rests in Baikonur cosmodrome. In the 1990s it was used by local youth for drinking sessions, so some windows are broken and its general condition is very poor."
    (tags:space history )
  • Research uses quantum mechanics to melt glass at absolute zero
    Prof. Eran Rabani of Tel Aviv University's School of Chemistry and his colleagues at Columbia University have discovered a new quantum mechanical effect with glass-forming liquids. They've determined that it's possible to melt glass — not by heating it, but by cooling it to a temperature near Absolute Zero.
    (tags:sci )
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[User Picture]From: funranium
2011-02-03 07:46 pm (UTC)
The pictures of the Buran are heartbreaking, says the man that use to picnic at the Kennedy Space Center Rocket Garden as a child.
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