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Mystery Conversion - Warren Ellis [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Warren Ellis

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Mystery Conversion [Feb. 8th, 2011|04:23 pm]
Warren Ellis

Deathly silence. I wonder if it was the maps and infographics that did it. Or that the script for 16 pages of comics was 27 manuscript pages long.

Haha, I detect a trend: Paul Sizer just sent me a teaser clip from the piece he’s done for that TRANSMET charity art book thing. His piece features the character Lau Qi, refreshingly:


Molly Crabapple, Katelan Foisy and Rita J King have all separately informed me that they’re being interviewed on camera for that cursed DVD documentary thing about me. Molly is threatening to tell them that I’ve converted to Christianity. Molly has a death wish. That I am quite prepared to grant.


Oh, hold on, they’re all in on it:

Just finished my interview for the @warrenellis documentary where I told all his secrets and confirmed his conversion to southern baptist.Tue Feb 08 20:54:28 via web


Chris Heathcote, who writes the always-interesting Anti-Mega, has a very cool new business card, which I presume is down to Beeker Northam planning some kind of world takeover. Congrats, Chris:


We’re about a week away from the DVD release of RED in the UK. I did a few interviews for Summit in support of it, including a completely chaotic one with Bleeding Cool at the end of the day that I’m presuming will end my career when it’s released. I can’t remember a single thing I said, but I know I was rrreeeallly punchy at that point, and the interviewer, Brendan, seemed similarly off the wall.

And I know I was punchy because, just before that interview, I apparently said all this to Digital Spy about "digital comics."

(They could have found a newer photo: that one’s 11 years old, and my head is swollen from jetlag. Bastards.)

And now I’m going into the mines for the rest of the night.  Unless I post some Night Music around 2am.  I need to puzzle out a film-related story problem and a music video structure, of all things…

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[User Picture]From: schung1968
2011-02-09 03:03 pm (UTC)

The eleven year old picture doesn't look bad.

Like how you refer to digital comics as the next "shiny thing," as it makes me think of Danny John-Jules as the Cat from Red Dwarf.

Steve Chung
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