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Warren Ellis

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Bitdust [Feb. 9th, 2011|04:10 pm]
Warren Ellis


Off to London for a book launch, actually. I have to wear clothes and everything.


My fellow traveller, Rian Hughes, is releasing a book that he has both written and designed — he left comics behind a long time ago, to become one of Britain’s most innovative and successful graphic designers. I am greatly looking forward to reading CULT-URE, which you can learn about here.

BERG just threw this graphic onto their Flickr stream:

Bryan Lee O’Malley’s updating his Flickr stream. This photo from San Diego Comic-Con makes me laugh because I remember getting a message from Matt Fraction reading "I am apparently staying in Scott Pilgrim’s balls."



Diamond, the defacto monopoly for distribution of comics to comics stores, and digital comics enterprise iVerse have partnered to produce a digital comics distrib thing designed for comics stores.


This is a Thing where comics shops’ websites (provided they have an ecommerce solution installed, I presume) will have exclusive retail on comics from participating publishers for 30 days. In those thirty days, if you go to the physical store and buy the physical comic, they’ll sell you a download code for the digital version for a buck on top of the cost of the physical comic. The full PR is over here. Basically, it’s an elaborate prop for physical comics stores in the face of digital sales. Participating publishers do not include Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, Boom or Avatar.

And I was about to talk about something Avatar-related, but then this thing below happened and now I’m not sure where I am or where this glowing TV pipe in my neck came from.  So I’ll say good night.  Good night.

C V L T S – “ANGEL CHROMOSOME” from Zahid Jiwa on Vimeo.

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