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Closing Seven Million Tabs - Warren Ellis [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Warren Ellis

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Closing Seven Million Tabs [Feb. 21st, 2011|04:26 pm]
Warren Ellis

That said, I’m mostly watching the news rather than working on the lists, sketches, notes and design documents that such a project begins with (for me). Everyone has a different process. And, in fact, quite often, every project has a different process.

Hell, I was even watching Al Jazeera on the iPhone (propped up against some bottles of spices) while cooking chili in the kitchen earlier.

Sudden random thought: someone should totally do a web magazine that released as a six-page block on a weekday like FREAKANGELS. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing? And people could still read it on their fucking iPads (have you noticed how horribly entitled people with iOS devices can be? "Tailor everything to meeeee, i have teh Future Box and you must bow down").

I am also trying to finish writing my talk for Cognitive Cities in Berlin on Saturday, which right now is just sort of a howling, tumbling mess of ideas that have nothing to do with "cognitive cities." I feel like I should apologise in advance for what is, right now, just about twenty-five minutes of incoherent shouting about ghosts and UFOs.

To your left, one of the few photos in existence to depict Molly Crabapple’s actual height of three feet one inch. Ganked from her Tumblr.

Details of the next Outer Church night in Brighton, in March.

While that’s happening, I will be being shot for that goddamned DVD again in London, and then travelling to Ireland for a thing I don’t think I can talk about yet. And then I think I will be going back to bed for an unspecified period but certainly not less than one month.

This is just a triffic photo by Templesmith that’s here because it’s a triffic photo. You can find us both on Instagram pretty easily.

Note to self: investigate novel shown at left sometime soon. (As found at this thread on my message board.)

Talking of novels, Joe Hill is doing a thing in support of his new book that you might be interested in. US and Canada only for now, UK/Aus/NZ soon, he says.

Aviation tumblr xplanes is on a flying saucer kick right now. Loving seeing those old Avro designs again. Go take a look.

This guy Seamus Bellamy keeps asking me to tell people that his book JOOMLA FOR DUMMIES is out. So I have.

And, finally, there’s a preview of the new CROSSED book, PSYCHOPATH, by David Lapham and CRECY artist Raulo Cacares, over at Bleeding Cool. Assume that there will be chopped-off bits of people, sprays of infected blood, vomit, semen, swearing, cannibalism and other things you probably wouldn’t want on your dinner plate.

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