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Quick Bits - Warren Ellis [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Warren Ellis

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Quick Bits [Feb. 23rd, 2011|10:21 am]
Warren Ellis

Berlin, actually.

I’m speaking at the Cognitive Cities conference on Saturday, along with Ben Hammersley and Adam Greenfield.

And I’m still writing the talk, because I am a technological peon who still writes talks and then reads them, rather than ad libbing in front of Powerpoint slide things that actually took longer to make and assemble than it would have taken to write a talk. I am very behind the times, and therefore expectations for wakefulness during my talk should be lowered. Like a blanket of Ambien floating down over your head.

Am off on Friday, at which point this site will probably devolve into a flurry of quick posts from the road.

Currently waiting on the nod to mention a thing in Ireland next month.

Today I got a lovely and fascinating thing in email from a film company, a look at some pencils for the first "new" issue of CASANOVA which is just mental, and a read of the fantastically beautiful new comic NONPLAYER by Nate Simpson, which you yourself can see a preview of right here at this link. The whole thing is just a fucking stunning piece of illustration.

This is a pretty picture by my friend Liliana B, who’s selling her prints on Etsy now.

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