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Having Someone’s Disease In You: Not Always Fun - Warren Ellis [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Having Someone’s Disease In You: Not Always Fun [Mar. 2nd, 2011|09:23 am]
Warren Ellis


Much as I’m enjoying writing both things, I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow, where I think I’ve blocked out enough time to do some work on That Thing That May Replace FREAKANGELS In My Schedule.

And at the weekend I will, with luck, be able to put some notes down for FELL #11, which I intend to file at the end of the month, and hopefully get some time in on another thing, never announced, that’s been on the slow boat for 18 months or so.

Hello. I’m Warren Ellis. Remember me? Hahaha. You can email me if you want to show me or tell me stuff, you know: my public email dump is warrenellis@gmail.com, which I check once a day or so.

Lea Hernandez has done a double-page spread for the TRANSMET charity art book and it’s amazing. Click through to see. I finally filed my foreword for the thing a couple of days ago.

I note that the book SeqArt research published about PLANETARY got a nice review at AICN.

Xeni Jardin’s been dropping some great space history photos on her Flickrstream, mirrored from her instagram account. Look at this fucking retrotechnoporn:


Did I mention that I’ve read the script and seen a bunch of art pages for the forthcoming “new” CASANOVA sequence by Fraction, Ba & Moon for Marvel Icon and they’re all fucking insane? Everyone’s going to have to raise their game afterwards. And I’m going to have to find mine.

Finally, Wil Wheaton made me look at this again, and now I hate him again. “I made this for Warren!” he chirped on Twitter in his loveable way. Because those people don’t know the real Wil Wheaton. Not like I do. Look.

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