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Tuesdays Are The New Mondays - Warren Ellis [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Tuesdays Are The New Mondays [Mar. 22nd, 2011|09:27 am]
Warren Ellis


Matt Jones of BERG just sent me this: “Farmpunk” —


A farmpunk could be described as a neo-agrarian who approaches [agri]culture, community development and/or design with a hacker ethos. "Cyber-agrarian" could supplant neo-agrarian, indicating a back-to-the-land perspective that stands apart from past movements because it is heavily informed by conceptual integration in a post-industrial information society (thus "forward to the land" perhaps?) The art and science of modern ecological design will be best achieved through the combined arts of cybermancy and geomancy. These hermeneutic disciplines are not categorical or reductionist, but open-ended. Natural ecologies must be seen as the original cybernetic systems.

Also includes the wonderful phrase “Post-Normal Science.”  Which is now my favourite term.

Apparently the documentary about me and my work, CAPTURED GHOSTS, ran out of money.


Hence they’re on Kickstarter, tempting you with rewards in return for a financial pledge to help them finish the thing.

I just noticed that my friend the mad journalist woman Laurie Penny has her new book MEAT MARKET released by Zer0 Books next month. I wrote a blurb for this, lemme see if I can dig it out…

"Laurie Penny hones her every phrase to a razor's edge. She is absolutely surgical in her anatomising of a mad world. MEAT MARKET is the kind of cut you learn from." -- Warren Ellis, author of TRANSMETROPOLITAN, CROOKED LITTLE VEIN, RED

Which also reminds me: Laurie wants me to give this a listen at some point. You might want to as well.

Via Rita King, your memefood for the day: 50 Unexplainable Black And White Photos.

Katie West by Chad Michael Ward.

Katie’s own book of photography, BLACK AND WHITE, is still available.

I think Katie and Laurie were going to work together on something at some point, actually. I hope that still happens one day. But right now Laurie’s trying to save journalism and all that, which reminds me, I have to stop and answer a long email about Schemes from her now. More later.

(I’m also hoping that one day Laurie and Molly Crabapple find a way to work together. They got on like a house on fire when I introduced them. My only worry is that, working together, they probably would set actual houses on actual fire.)

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