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4. Raudive - Warren Ellis [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Warren Ellis

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4. Raudive [May. 16th, 2011|07:41 am]
Warren Ellis

1966: and Dr Konstantin Raudive is listening to the radio. He is inside a Radio Frequency (RF)-screened laboratory. He is hunched over the radio, a microphone, and a tape recorder, listening intently to a dead frequency in the medium band. He is listening for the voices of ghosts. Electronic Voice Phenomena: the idea that the dead are speaking to us through radio, somewhere down deep in the medium wave, around 29 megacycles.

Today, EVP is more commonly termed Instrumental Trans-Communication by the ghost hunters of the world: informational traffic between the spirit world and any electronic device. Including, of course, networked digital devices.

This is all going somewhere. Really.

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