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Bookmarks for 2011-06-10 - Warren Ellis [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Warren Ellis

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Bookmarks for 2011-06-10 [Jun. 10th, 2011|12:00 pm]
Warren Ellis
  • Entry, descent and surface science for 2016 ExoMars mission
    "Once on the surface, the DREAMS (Dust characterisation, Risk assessment, and Environment Analyser on the Martian Surface) scientific payload will function as an environmental station for the two to four days of the surface mission." TWO TO FOUR DAYS. How utterly fucking embarrassing. That's the best we'll have in 2016. A demonstration article that is intended to work for two to four days. I should have a fucking homestead on Mars by now.
    (tags:space )
  • Paperlinks Brings Business-Optimized QR Codes To Life
    "Paperlinks creates QR codes for businesses and brands but with a particular focus on the design of the code itself. The actual code can incorporate the logo of a brand or business. The beauty of Paperlinks is that instead of leading peoples to a web page (as most QR codes do), Paperlinks app and codes open up a landing page with the company’s logo and other modules, which can include Tweets, calendars, video, contact info, photos and more."
    (tags:papernet qr )
  • The Life and Madness of Edward H. Rulloff | Victorian Gothic
    "Rulloff was a murderer and a thief whose savant-like intelligence and erudition have invited comparison to Doyle’s Professor Moriarty. He committed robberies throughout his life in order to fund his grandiose research into the science of philology; an obsession that may have had unrecognized origins in a deep-seated sense of remorse."
    (tags:crime history )
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