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Correction to a previous post: the first ARTESIA graphic novel is in… - Warren Ellis [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jun. 22nd, 2011|03:21 pm]
Warren Ellis

Correction to a previous post: the first ARTESIA graphic novel is in fact on digital, at Graphicly.  I remember the later ones being the better ones, and hope they’re digitised soon.

(I have attempted to buy said book through the iPad app.  The app first told me the payment had succeeded, and then that the payment had not succeeded.  I discovered that I could access the book through their web end, but it doesn’t seem to be accessible through the app.  Oops, no, there you go, killing the app in the multi-tasking bar and then re-starting it seems to have made the book appear.  It just has the Download button greyed out so I can’t, ha ha, download it.  Correction! The book was downloading in the background and decided not to tell me!  Oh god.)

This does seem to raise a peculiarity of digital: although many publishers seem to be distributing through more than one service, their offerings aren’t uniform across services.  ARTESIA was published by Archaia, but Archaia offer only the DAYS MISSING books through Comixology.

(I have next to no idea what’s offered through iVerse: I find their iPad app almost entirely unnavigable.)

It’s nice for me to be able to replace old books and catch up on missed books through these digital comics apps.  Dark Horse’s offering is especially nice.  But, sooner rather than later, these services are going to have to become more than back issue bins.  I’ve only had this iPad a few weeks, and I’m already getting tired of opening a comics app and having (for example) twelve issues of SQUADRON SUPREME from nineteen eighty fucking five thrown at me.

If I were planning more comics work right now, I’d be looking very hard at going digital-first.

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